When should applicants file for Medicaid?

When is it a good time to apply for Medicaid if you have excess resources? Some will tell you that applicants need to spend all of their resources before applying. Although this is an option it’s not their only choice. Let’s consider the following scenario: Applicant One: Has $200k in resources and was informed that… Read more »

Don’t Wait

I am sure we all read the book Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives. Unfortunately many families are doing the same when it comes to their loved ones home care services or nursing home care. Unbeknownst to… Read more »

Medicaid Denials

The topic of denials is so important that I am compelled to discuss over and over again. The key to this Blog is to eliminate the fear of a denial. Medicaid denials can be a credited to several common issues, which by the way, can either be avoided or corrected. Some examples as to why Medicaid… Read more »

Caregiver Agreement

Caregiver Agreement: Caregiver agreement, also known as Personal Service Contract, allows nursing home applicants the ability to protect some of the transferred assets by hiring private care and services, which Medicaid does not provide, such as, companions; assistance in financial matters, paying bills, purchasing clothing, and other incidentals as needed; assistance in arranging legal and… Read more »

What is an MLTC and how does it apply to the applicant?

Today, all Medicaid applicants requiring home-care services must join a Mange Long Term Care plan (“MLTC”). There are several MLTC’s to choose from, but basically all offer the same services with very little differences. Once the applicant is financially approved by Medicaid the applicant needs to get a medical assessment by a Medicaid nurse. Upon… Read more »

Medicaid-funded Assisted Living Program (ALP)

How can individuals who cannot remain at home safely, and are not candidates or do not meet the medical requirements for nursing home care find a proper place to live in the society? Of course they can enter a private assisted living and spend their life savings on room and board until they deplete all… Read more »

Can a Promissory Note assist in saving money?

A Promissory Note is a great tool to protect a good portion of a nursing home Medicaid applicant’s life savings. Promissory notes are loans between the applicant and the borrower. The borrower promises to pay the applicant in monthly increments until the note is satisfied. Lets explore the issue more closely and see how it… Read more »

Will Medicaid Services be Different than Private Pay Services?

When we consider Medicaid medical assistance for our loved ones, many of us are very concerned when it comes to who will assist our loved ones. We generally feel that when we pay privately for our loved ones home care services or even nursing home care they will receive better care, more attention, and exceptional… Read more »

Will Medicare provide all of the services I will need?

Medicare Health Insurance: The creation of Medicare health insurance was and still is a great concept assisting the elderly population at their greatest time of need. It’s an affordable health insurance and offers the best health care available; however, there are some shortcomings that everyone should be aware of. Medicare health insurance covers eighty percent… Read more »

Medicaid Reimbursment

Medicaid’s Reimbursement Program The Medicaid Reimbursement Program allows the family, but not the spouse, to pay for their loved one’s home care services during the Medicaid pendency period and file a request for reimbursement once the application had been approved. Medicaid pendency period is the time between the filing of the application and the actual… Read more »