Contemplating Medicaid

For the individuals who continue to think that applying for Medicaid is disgraceful, reprehensible or shameful, please consider the following concerns.

Suppose a person saved approximately $200,000 in his/her lifetime and now requires nursing home care. Today’s prices an average nursing home with no special needs, such as, ventilator, feeding tube, etc., will cost you approximately $15,000 per month. If we multiply $15,000 x 12 = $180,000 dollars a year. At this rate the resident will run out of money in a year’s time and then either their family pays the bill or they’ll have no choice but to apply for Medicaid; however, having spent all of their assets they will not be able to
afford such items like a cell-phone, television, nice clothes or anything that one would want. On the other hand, had the person applied for Medicaid as soon as they entered the nursing home depending on their status there would have been an opportunity to save some or all of their assets. Saving ones assets is not a crime and no one should feel ashamed to do so, after all if you do you’ll be able to afford things that will either assist you or provide some luxury items in the worst of times.

Applying for Medicaid in New York State should not upset you or anyone else, after all if you have been working all of you life and paid taxes the likely hood is you paid for your care and you should think about it as health insurance.