Fair Hearings

A Medicaid application is both complex and extensive and for the most part should be prepared by professionals who understand Medicaid’s requirements. Additionally, the expert you hire should submit to Medicaid all of the necessary documents, and at the same time provide evidence for all questionable issues.

There are many reasons why a Medicaid application can be denied, such as, a Medicaid case worker will overlook a certain issue or believe items have been omitted or not discussed, lack of documentation, incorrect information, large unexplained transfers and missing information are just a few.

Today more and more cases regarding home-care hours, reduced or improper hours are being heard at fair hearings. The Manged Long Term Care (MLTC) agencies are far from being compassionate. Applicants are required to appeal decisions of hours with their MLTC agencies and only after the second appeal do they have a right to request a Medicaid fair hearing.

It is advisable that the applicant hire a professional representative someone who knows the system and understands the rules and requirements.

If you received a denial on your Medicaid applications or reduction of home care hours or not enough home care hours we at Elder Care Services, Inc., can assist you or your loved ones with this complicated issue. We are extremely proud of our record of success both applying for Medicaid medical assistance and Medicaid fair hearings and we will never refuse the opportunity to assist anyone.

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We are familiar and assisted clients with Medicaid and fair-hearings in all of New York City’s 5 boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, as well as, Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, and upstate Westchester County, Orange County, and Dutchess County.