German/Austrian Reparations

My father and his parents, my grandparents, were survivors of the Holocaust. They escaped Berlin, Germany just as the pogroms began, with my father who was about six years old. The rest of the family stayed, because they did not believe they would be harmed.

My father’s uncles died in Auschwitz concentration camp, while my great grandparents escaped to Poland and perished in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Due to my personal loss, I have studied the Holocaust intensely. Today, my experience and know-how enables me to save every cent a person received as a Holocaust survivor, Nazi victims, and Nazi persecution, and at the same time obtain Medicaid medical assistance at home or in a nursing facility. It is my privilege to help you maximize your savings and ensure optimal results as you navigate this difficult terrain.

In Addition to saving all of one’s German and Austrian Netherlands reparation payments, we can also assist Japanese-Americans receiving persecution payment, and Vietnam veterans suffering from Agent Orange.

For more information and personal assistance in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties, please contact me for your FREE consultation to discuss how I can save your monthly reparation payments and all of your accumulated Holocaust retribution received from the beginning to the present.  There is no penalty for either keeping all of your accumulated reparation payments or for transferring the funds or the monthly payments, and immediately become eligible for Medicaid medical assistance.