Home Care Hours Cut

While many but not all Community Medicaid recipients with home care services are receiving letters from their Manage Long Term Care Agencies (MLTC), indicating their hours of services are going to be reduced, it doesn’t mean new applicant’s should be discourage from filing.

Consider the following:

Suppose an applicant requires 12 hours of home care services and Medicaid approves 8 hours or 6 hours. One could say they lost half (½) of the hours and therefore don’t wish to apply; however, the correct way to review the issue is to consider that the family cut their expenses by 50%. Without Medicaid the family would have to pay 100% of the 12 hours of care and if Medicaid approves 6 hours you cut the expense by 50%.

As the system is being revised and new rules and regulations are being implemented, applicants and their families should not be discouraged, depressed or gloomy, but rather be more hopeful that our politicians will make the right choices and locate new ways to implement the proper hours our elderly and disabled population require to sustain a normal life in the community.