Hiring Family Members to Care for You

There are many private companies advertising that by joining their program the elderly population requiring home care services can hire their own family members to provide the care and get paid for the services. Obviously they are referring to the Medicaid program called Consumer Direct Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), which require the recipients to have active Medicaid. Applicants who wish to join the CDPAP program must be approved for Community Medicaid first and then by joining the proper Mange Long Term Care Agency (MLTC), will they be able to join the CDPAP program.

CDPAP is a Medicaid program designed to assist the elderly or disabled with their home care services. Originally the program began by assisting hospital patients in need of higher level of care go home with the care. Since their level of care was higher than a home attendant can or be allowed to provide, hospital nurses trained family members with the care and in this way the patient was allowed to be discharged home.

Today, the program is open for anyone who wishes to have their own family, friends, neighbors or anyone they desired, except spouses, assist them at home and the care giver will be paid for by Medicaid. The people you hire don’t require home attendant certification or any certification in home care services.