It’s never too late to apply for Medicaid

Individuals privately paying for home-care services or in need of nursing home care and are afraid to apply for Medicaid medical assistance, because of the five (5) year look back period, will deplete their life savings for no reason at all.   Applicants can and are able to protect some or all of their income, resources,… Read more »

Should I apply for Medicaid?

With the ever changing health insurance rules and regulations, and the fact that no one truly has a clear understanding of what the new Affordable Care Act will offer or take, one thing is very clear, more and more elderly and disabled individuals will explore Medicaid eligibility.   Most elderly and disabled individuals earned the… Read more »

We’ve Moved!

Elder Care Services, Inc. is proud to announce the move of our office to 108-18 Queens Boulevard, Suite 801 in Forest Hills, New York! With the recent move, our clients will reap many benefits including a more centralized location and a larger office.   Moving from the suburbs of Queens to the heart of Forest… Read more »

What Can I Expect from Mediciad Home Health Care?

With the ever-changing state of the government, it’s no surprise individuals, especially those on Medicaid and in need of additional health care, don’t have the knowledge to understand and receive the care they deserve. While we recommend individuals consult with a knowledgeable Medicaid professional, we are going to outline some of the basics of home… Read more »

Our new website has been launched!

You might have noticed something has changed with our website. That’s because we just launched a new one! Feel free to browse through the new website to learn more about our company and how we can help you and your love ones who are in need.