Proud vs. Foolish

Lately, I find many elderly people too proud to apply for Medicaid medical assistance. A very proud generation as they should be. After all they brought us out of a very difficult time in our history and carried this proudness to every aspect in their lives. That’s why many elderly feel it’s ok to spenddown or deplete their life savings for their personal care than to apply for Medicaid.

Although it’s an option I ask you – is it the proper choice? Due to the high cost of Medical assistance, example: ($22.50 per hour for home attendants and an average nursing home cost is approximately $500 per day), and it keeps growing every day. Many proud elderly people wind up using all of their life savings much before they leave us making their golden years disastrous years. Moreover, at that point they have no choice and apply for Medicaid; however, they lost all of their money and find they are deprived of the small pleasures of life.

Being proud when you need medical assistance is totally foolish. Why not protect your life savings for things that Medicaid does not cover and enjoy your last years in dignity and pride. You fought, worked, and paid taxes to the system so that you can apply for Medicaid and not using this option is uncomprehensible.