Benefits When Utilizing Community Medicaid

Suppose an elderly or disabled person saved approximately $200,000 in their life time requires assistance at home (home care services), approximately twelve (12) hours per day, seven (7) days a week. If they employ a licensed home care agency it could cost them approximately $25 per hour and sometimes more depending on their needs. Lets… Read more »

What is Medicaid?

What Exactly is Medicaid? Many elderly people believe their Medicare and Supplemental Health insurance will provide them with All the care they will ever need. Unfortunately, neither Medicare nor their Supplemental Health insurance cover long-term-care. What is Long Term Care? In Home – the individual requires a home attendant to assist them with their daily… Read more »

It’s Time To Consider Medicaid

Lets consider Medicaid as an option: It’s one thing to be proud, patriotic and all gong ho, but one also needs to be wise and consider the downfall if not utilizing the Medicaid program. Lets explore the following example: Elderly person worked most of his/her life, was able to save a few dollars, invested in… Read more »

5 Year Look-Back

What does the 5 year Look-Back truly mean? When a person applies for Medicaid nursing home medical assistance he/she must surrender five (5) years of bank statements. That does not mean the person applying will be disqualified for five (5) years. It only means they need to surrender bank statements. If within the five (5)… Read more »

Proud vs. Foolish

Lately, I find many elderly people too proud to apply for Medicaid medical assistance. A very proud generation as they should be. After all they brought us out of a very difficult time in our history and carried this proudness to every aspect in their lives. That’s why many elderly feel it’s ok to spenddown… Read more »

Saving the assets of a Medicaid applicant

The tragic sadness when eligible individuals don’t apply for Medicaid. Sadly, many believe or have been instructed to spenddown their loved one’s assets before applying for Medicaid medical assistance. Although it’s an option, you should nevertheless, ask yourself is it the best option? Upon exhausting all of the applicant’s assets, the applicant has no choice… Read more »

Can I Keep My IRA and Still Be Eligible for Medicaid?

Medicaid applicant’s have several choices when it pertains to their IRA’s: 1) Cash them in, but will cause an additional income for that year and probably place the applicant in a higher tax bracket; or 2) Keep the IRA, but Medicaid will count it as resource – keep in mind that Medicaid applicant’s can have… Read more »

Our new website has been launched!

You might have noticed something has changed with our website. That’s because we just launched a new one! Feel free to browse through the new website to learn more about our company and how we can help you and your love ones who are in need.

It’s Never Too Late

Medicaid Home Care Eligibility   It’s never too late to apply for Medicaid medical assistance especially for home care services. What if I told you that there is no five year look-back period for those who apply for Medicaid home care services; and What if I told you that you can save your life savings,… Read more »

Help Is Out There

Help is out there, you just need to seek it. Elderly and disabled people who find themselves in a crises situation, such as, the need for home care services or nursing home care are told they need to spend down their life savings before they can apply for Medicaid medical assistance. Allow me to simplify… Read more »