Caregiver Agreement

Caregiver Agreement:

Caregiver agreement, also known as Personal Service Contract, allows nursing home applicants the ability to protect some of the transferred assets by hiring private care and services, which Medicaid does not provide, such as, companions; assistance in financial matters, paying bills, purchasing clothing, and other incidentals as needed; assistance in arranging legal and financial services; and continued contact with out of town family and friend, are just a few.

Caregivers are paid in full for their services by the applicants prior to submitting the Medicaid applications. Applicant’s can utilize the Caregiver Agreement offering them the ability to hire additional services which the nursing home does not provide. Some examples where a nursing home applicant would need extra help are the following: Prepay medical expenses such as special dentistry work; assistance in eating, especially helpful when applicants cannot use their hands to hold a spoon or fork; and purchasing personal items are among a few things a resident can benefit from utilizing a Caregiver Agreement.