What a dreadful word “spenddown” is. Several time a week I hear the word from many families telling me they were informed that their loved ones are not Medicaid eligible until they spenddown their life savings.

It’s clear that Medicaid personal will tell applicants to spenddown their life savings, because they are not allowed to instruct or teach the public on how to protect their life savings, their income an homes, and therefore tell them to spenddown before they apply or reapply if they were denied.

Potential Medicaid applicants need to know that spending down is only an option, but certainly not the only or best option. One other option, which you may find attractive, is to protect 100% of the applicant’s life savings, income and homes, and become financially eligible the very next month.

Amazingly, people who are reluctant to file a Medicaid application, because they were informed that a Medicaid home-attendant is less qualified than a private pay home attendant are following a false implication – Fake News. Allow me to be the first to inform you that there are No Medicaid home attendants. Medicaid is a government department that pays the private sector (home care services of your choice providing they are affiliated with an MLTC and most are). Additionally, there are No Medicaid nursing-homes! Applicant’s chose the nursing home of their choice, providing the nursing home can accommodate their needs and Medicaid will pay that nursing facility.

Experience proves that some people are satisfied with false information and spend their loved ones life savings before applying for Medicaid; however, those seeking professional assistance without a doubt benefit financially in a long run. Not only will they protect their loved ones life savings, but be able to purchase things their loved ones needs that Medicaid does not provide, such items as, clothing, food, rent, car, etc., from the money they have protected for them.

Elder Care Services, Inc., offers the public Free Consultations through which the client will learn how our 25 years of experience will benefit their loved ones with their Medicaid eligibility and the processing of their Medicaid applications.