Medicaid Denials

The topic of denials is so important that I am compelled to discuss over and over again. The key to this Blog is to eliminate the fear of a denial.

Medicaid denials can be a credited to several common issues, which by the way, can either be avoided or corrected. Some examples as to why Medicaid would deny applicants: Lack of proper documentation; excess resources; improper transfers; excess income; and misunderstanding Medicaid requirements and guidelines are just a few.

The best way to avoid a denial is to hire professionals in the field and achieve positive results; however, if the applicant or their family wish to tackle the application on their own and their efforts resulted in a denial, it does not mean the applicant has to lose benefits allowed them. There are plenty of options to correct, resolve or reverse a denial.

Elder Care Services, Inc., located in the heart of Forest Hills, NY, assists the elderly and disabled with their Medicaid applications and/or denials with positive results. Our consultations are always Free and we encourage you to contact us and see how we could assist you or your loved ones.