How does one pay for Home Attendants?

Why would anyone choose to deplete their loved ones assets for the care Medicaid can provide?  The common response – paying for the home attendants privately supersedes Medicaid’s home attendants services.  This idea or concept is far from the trust, because the home attendants paid for by Medicaid are the same home attendants paid for… Read more »

Waiting for the last minute?

I find that some of my clients procrastinate till the last minute and then feel the pressure and request everyone to jump over huge hurdles to assist their loved ones with their Medicaid application process. This blog is for the procrastinators who wait till the last minute. Hopefully it will assist you to make a… Read more »

New Look Back Extended

As you may have read previously Medicaid decided to change the rules regarding financial eligibility for Community Medicaid. Community Medicaid is for the applicant who is home and requires a home attendant to assist them with their Activities of Daily Living, such as, getting out bed, toileting, getting dressed, assistance showering, cooking and feeding. One… Read more »

Community Medicaid in Jeopardy?

Deadline for applicants wishing to apply for Community Medicaid is approaching quickly. Beginning October 1, 2020 applicants will be penalized for transferring assets in order to apply. What does it mean in simple terms. Today an applicant can transfer any amount of money to anyone or a trust and become financially eligible the very next… Read more »

How did Covid-19 affect us?

In its early stages February and March 2020 some of us understood the issue better than others, in so far, that families aggressively took charge and had discharged their loved ones from nursing homes and assisted living centers and began caring for them at their own homes. Additionally, some where reluctant to bring in outside… Read more »

COVID-19 Update

During this time of crises while everyone is “Staying Home,” please don’t forget to check in on your loved ones, your neighbors and those who live alone, especially the elderly and disabled. We wish to thank all of the services, emergency, medical personal, food deliveries, and government, for all of their assistance sacrificing their own… Read more »

COVID – 19

2020 has decided to make a mark in our lives and make it big. Not only did we get hit with a terrible virus, many of us lost our jobs and now the government is changing the rules regarding Community Medicaid eligibility. Presently: an applicant can transfer their excess resources to anyone and become financially… Read more »


PRUCOL Permanently Residing Under Color of Law – PRUCOL is a category of immigration status used by certain public benefit programs. A person would be considered PRUCOL if they are residing in the United States with a green-card. Green Card holders fall under the category of PRUCOL and are eligible for Medicaid. Residents of the… Read more »

Best of the Boro

Elder Care Services, Inc., offers the public Free Consultations. A way for anyone to learn how to protect their assets or their loved one’s life savings, income and homes, and at the same time apply for Medicaid medical assistance at home, assisted-living or nursing home care. Although you may have heard that applicants have to… Read more »

Medicaid Fair Hearings

In this day and age we all understand that nothing comes our way easy and so it happens that Medicaid eligibility falls into this category as well. What does one do or what are the options if an application is denied? What if the Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) agency reduced your hours or informed… Read more »