Reimbursement Program

A Community Medicaid application can take several months before the applicant actually sees a home attendant at their home. The reason is as follows: first the department of social services needs to approve the applicant financial status. Once financially approved the applicant has to be assessed by a nurse sent from Medicaid and once again from the nurse of the Manage Long Term Care Agency (MLTC) that the applicant chooses.

In the meantime, many applicants hire private home attendants to cover the period between filing and actually receiving services. Certified home care agencies charge approximately $28 per hour and depending on the amount of hours it can cost an enormous amount.

However, unbeknown to many, Medicaid has a reimbursement program, which allows people other than the applicant or their spouse to file for reimbursement. This means if a child pays a certified home care agency for private care during the pendency period they may file for reimbursement and receive some or most of the money paid on behalf of the applicant.

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