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30 month Look Back Extended Once Again

Good news for Community Medicaid applicants.  The Public Health Emergency (PHE) was last extended in October 2022 and was due to expire in January 2023. However, the Biden administration stated it would give a 60 day notice to states before the PHE actually expires.  Further reports say they will extend it at least once more,… Read more »

Is Medicaid for me?

With the ever changing health insurance rules and regulations, and the fact that no one truly has a clear understanding of what the new Affordable Care Act will offer or take, one thing is very clear, more and more elderly and disabled individuals will explore Medicaid eligibility. Most elderly and disabled individuals earned the right… Read more »

We’ve Moved!

Elder Care Services, Inc. is proud to announce the move of our office to 108-18 Queens Boulevard, Suite 801 in Forest Hills, New York! With the recent move, our clients will reap many benefits including a more centralized location and a larger office.   Moving from the suburbs of Queens to the heart of Forest… Read more »

What Can I Expect from Mediciad Home Health Care?

With the ever-changing state of the government, it’s no surprise individuals, especially those on Medicaid and in need of additional health care, don’t have the knowledge to understand and receive the care they deserve. While we recommend individuals consult with a knowledgeable Medicaid professional, we are going to outline some of the basics of home… Read more »