Community Medicaid Update

As I have been informing the reader for sometime now the new regulation for Community Medicaid eligibility will take effect on 01-01-2022 and will impose a two and one-half year of look-back period.  That means 1) applicants will need to surrender bank account statements for 2.5 years or beginning 10-01-20.  Any transfers during the look-back period will disqualify the applicant for a period of time no more than 2.5 years.  2) medical qualification will also change from needing assistance cleaning the home, supervision or getting dressed to the following:  Applicants will need to either suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia or need assistance with at least three of the activities of daily living, such as, toileting, showering, cooking, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed and feeding.       

Considering the new regulation and restrictions potential applicants should take advantage of the present regulation allowing them to transfer assets free of disqualification.  Additionally, the present medical requirements are less restrictive.

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