Protect Your Surplus Income

Many elderly and disabled individuals applying for Community Medicaid, in order to receive home-care services, are told they are not financially eligible due to their excess income. Basically, a Community Medicaid applicant can have up to $879 income per month. Applicant’s who have more than $879 are ineligible or have a monthly spenddown; however, if… Read more »

Immediate Need for Personal Care

Suppose the applicant has an immediate need for Personal Care Services, such as, meal preparations, bathing, housekeeping, or toileting, and wish to receive services quickly rather than wait anywhere between two to five months after applying to receive services applicants must meet the following conditions: * Applicant has no informal care-givers available, able and willing… Read more »

Home Care Hours Cut

While many but not all Community Medicaid recipients with home care services are receiving letters from their Manage Long Term Care Agencies (MLTC), indicating their hours of services are going to be reduced, it doesn’t mean new applicant’s should be discourage from filing. Consider the following: Suppose an applicant requires 12 hours of home care… Read more »

Care Givers

It’s not uncommon to hear spouses not wanting or rejecting the idea of allowing someone to assist them with their loved ones care. They refuse any assistance, such as, lifting their loved ones in and out of bed, placing them in and out of wheelchairs, laundry, dressing, changing their soiled cloths, cooking and feeding them… Read more »

Who is eligible for Medicaid?

Most people believe they are not eligible for Medicaid, because they were told they need to spenddown their life savings before they can apply for Medicaid medical assistance. While it’s true that a Medicaid applicant in 2018 cannot have more than $15,500 in resources it is also true that applicants are allowed to transfer their… Read more »


What a dreadful word “spenddown” is. Several time a week I hear the word from many families telling me they were informed that their loved ones are not Medicaid eligible until they spenddown their life savings. It’s clear that Medicaid personal will tell applicants to spenddown their life savings, because they are not allowed to… Read more »

When should applicants file for Medicaid?

When is it a good time to apply for Medicaid if you have excess resources? Some will tell you that applicants need to spend all of their resources before applying. Although this is an option it’s not their only choice. Let’s consider the following scenario: Applicant One: Has $200k in resources and was informed that… Read more »

Don’t Wait

I am sure we all read the book Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives. Unfortunately many families are doing the same when it comes to their loved ones home care services or nursing home care. Unbeknownst to… Read more »

Medicaid Denials

The topic of denials is so important that I am compelled to discuss over and over again. The key to this Blog is to eliminate the fear of a denial. Medicaid denials can be a credited to several common issues, which by the way, can either be avoided or corrected. Some examples as to why Medicaid… Read more »

Caregiver Agreement

Caregiver Agreement: Caregiver agreement, also known as Personal Service Contract, allows nursing home applicants the ability to protect some of the transferred assets by hiring private care and services, which Medicaid does not provide, such as, companions; assistance in financial matters, paying bills, purchasing clothing, and other incidentals as needed; assistance in arranging legal and… Read more »