How did Covid-19 affect us?

In its early stages February and March 2020 some of us understood the issue better than others, in so far, that families aggressively took charge and had discharged their loved ones from nursing homes and assisted living centers and began caring for them at their own homes. Additionally, some where reluctant to bring in outside help no matter if they were privately paid or Medicaid subsidized. This action proved to be a life-saving decision for most. As we now know nursing facilities and assisted living centers were not truly ready or prepared for such a catastrophe and the move by these families was heroic.

Today, we are extremely careful and most definitely extra cautious. We wear masks, and gloves, we wash our hands constantly, we keep social distance from each other and avoid crowds. This knowledge and awareness along with an equipped health system allows us to overcome our earlier dilemmas and the unknown.

Currently more and more families are going back to the previous norm and allow their loved ones back into nursing facilities, assisted living centers and allow professional home attendants back into their homes.

We at Elder Care Services, Inc., are committed to assist the elderly and disabled with their Medicaid applications, and at the same time we are dedicated and determined to protect as much of their income and life savings.