New Look Back Extended

As you may have read previously Medicaid decided to change the rules regarding financial eligibility for Community Medicaid. Community Medicaid is for the applicant who is home and requires a home attendant to assist them with their Activities of Daily Living, such as, getting out bed, toileting, getting dressed, assistance showering, cooking and feeding. One good change they made was accepting applicants suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.

In the old days an applicant was able to transfer assets one month and become financially eligible the very next month. Medicaid changed the rule as of 10-01-20 and decided that if an applicant transfers assets after 10-01-20 Medicaid will impose a disqualification period depending on the amount they had transferred. This rule was extended to 01-01-21 and more individuals were relived, because the old rule allows them to apply for themselves or their loved ones now free of disqualification period.

As you are well aware of the present situation with the pandemic which created many issues all around as well as the courts. That said and because the system has not healed the 01-01-21 was recently extended to 04-01-21.

What does this mean?

Simply that the old rule (transferring assets one month and becoming eligible the very next month), is still alive and working.

For additional information regarding eligibility, feel free to contact our office to discuss this issue in more details.