How does one pay for Home Attendants?

Why would anyone choose to deplete their loved ones assets for the care Medicaid can provide?  The common response – paying for the home attendants privately supersedes Medicaid’s home attendants services.  This idea or concept is far from the trust, because the home attendants paid for by Medicaid are the same home attendants paid for privately.  Basically, there are no Medicaid home attendants.  Medicaid utilizes the private sector to provide the services.  This means that once on Medicaid the recipient can choose the agency or keep the same agency or the same home attendant or even hire their family to provide the services.

Many elderly applicants are holding on to an old concept that it’s humiliating or disgraceful to apply for government assistance.  This kind of stigma worked in the past, but today it should be erased and forgotten.  The services are not depleting the government’s assets. Tax payers have contributed for all the services the government is providing.  No says No to Social Security benefits, nor does anyone collecting Social Security feel any kind of humiliation or disgrace for the monthly benefits they receive.

Today and until April 1, 2021 an applicant can transfer any amount of assets to a trust or family or anyone and become financially eligible the very next month.  This window of opportunity is closing in quickly.  After March 31, 2021Medicaid will impose a two and one-half (2.5) years of look-back period.  This means if the applicant transferred assets during the look-back period Medicaid will enforce a disqualification period for the transfers.

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