New Look Back Period No.3

Previously we discussed the new rules regarding financial eligibility for Community Medicaid.  Community Medicaid covers home care services as well. 

The new rule was anticipated to start 10-01-20; however, considering the backup Coveid-19 created the new rule had to be extended to 01-01-21.  That date was difficult for the department to reach so they extended it to 04-01-21.

Recently, the department sent out a memo, indicating the date of 04-01-21 was extended once again to 07-01-21.

What this means to the applicants, is that until June 30, 2021 a person can transfer their assets free of any disqualification period and become financially eligible the very next month.

For additional information regarding eligibility, feel free to utilize our Free Consultation by contacting our office to discuss this and other issues.