Look-Back Period Update

For those who are following the new rule affecting Community Medicaid look-back period, which changes the look-back period from one month to 30 months, was not implemented as of this point in time.  Rumors tell us that October 1, 2022 it may go into effect.

What does Look-Back period mean? and what effect will it have on the applicant(s)?  Presently and up until August 31, 2022, single applicants can transfer any amount of money to a trust, children, or friends, one month and become financially eligible the very next month. 

Once the rule goes into effect applicants will have to surrender 30 months of bank statements with their applications.  If there were any transfers during that period, Medicaid will impose a disqualification period before the applicant can get approved.


Applicant files and application October 1, 2022 with 30 months of bank statements. The statements reflect a transfer of $134,150.00 made on October of 2021.  Medicaid will use NY State nursing home reginal rate of $13,415.00 and divide ($134,150 ÷ $13,415 = 10).  The applicant will be disqualified for ten (10) months until September 2023.

What could potential applicants do today? 1) transfer their surplus resources and apply before October 1, 2022, or 2) transfer the assets now and wait 30 months before applying.

Transfers from one spouse to the other are still allowed and will not create a disqualification period. 

We at Elder Care Services, Inc., assist the applicants with their Medicaid applications and find the best options for them.