Look-Back Period Extended

Once again the look-back period regarding Community Medicaid eligibility had been extended.

In the past, there never was a look back period for Community Medicaid in New York. Applicant’s were able to transfer assets one month and become financially eligible the very next month without being penalized or disqualified.

In October 2020 a 30 month look-back period was to go into effect; however, Covid-19 made it’s way to the states and forced the passing of The Families First Cares Act.

The Families Cares Act restricted Medicaid from imposing the 30 month look-back period during the pandemic.  The effective date had been extended several times and now it’s been extended to at least April 2023.   

This extension date is a widow of opportunity allowing applicants who would be otherwise disqualified had the 30 day look back was imposed to actually apply and receive home-care services.

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