Protect Your Surplus Income

Many elderly and disabled individuals applying for Community Medicaid, in order to receive home-care services, are told they are not financially eligible due to their excess income. Basically, a Community Medicaid applicant can have up to $879 income per month. Applicant’s who have more than $879 are ineligible or have a monthly spenddown; however, if they join a pooled-income trust and deposit on a monthly basis their surplus income into the pooled-income-trust they become financially eligible for Community Medicaid and can enjoy the privilege of having a home-attendant assist them at their home or in an assisted living.

What is the purpose of a pooled-income-trust and how does it handle the applicant’s deposits?

A Medicaid approved pooled-income-trust allows applicants to deposit their surplus income (the amount above the $879), into the pooled income trust on a monthly basis. Each month applicants are allowed to send their bills to the pooled income trust and the trust pays their bills using the money they received from the applicants. In doing so applicants get to use their money and not be denied home care services due to their surplus income.