Immediate Need for Personal Care

Suppose the applicant has an immediate need for Personal Care Services, such as, meal preparations, bathing, housekeeping, or toileting, and wish to receive services quickly rather than wait anywhere between two to five months after applying to receive services applicants must meet the following conditions:

* Applicant has no informal care-givers available, able and willing to provide or continue to provide care;

* Applicant is not receiving needed help from a home care services agency;

* Applicant has no adaptive or specialized equipment or supplies in use to meet their needs; and

* Applicant has no third party insurance or Medicare benefits available to pay for their needed help.

If the applicant is applying for Medicaid and meet the above conditions, they may submit their applications along with a physician’s order for services, and a signed “Attestation of Immediate Need.”

If the applicant has Medicaid, but does not include personal care services, they are also considered eligible to file an “Attestation of Immediate Need,” along with a physician’s order for services.