2024 Medicaid Income & Resource Levels

Financial Levels for Medicaid eligibility. Every January NYS provides the yearly income and resource levels allowed for Community and Nursing Home Medicaid applicants. Please see our Medicaid Rate Page for all the updated numbers.  Considering they are not all distributed at the same time, we can only update as they are offered to the public…. Read more »

Save your Money

Why are you spending your hard earned money on private home care services? when you could easily apply for Medicaid medical assistance and receive the same services for free. Presently and until Medicaid enforces the new rule passed in 2020, applicants are able to transfer their excess resources one month and become financially eligible for… Read more »

NYS Public Health Emergency is over

On July 1, 2023 NYS Public Health Emergency had been lifted.  What does this mean to present Medicaid recipients and applicants? During Covid (January 2020 to July 1, 2023), Medicaid was not allowed to remove any recipient from the program.  On a yearly basis Medicaid requires everyone to recertify their Medicaid; however, during the Public… Read more »


  For the past three years many Community Medicaid recipients have enjoyed the automatic recertification they had received from Medicaid due to the Public Health Emergency Law. The Public Health Emergency Law will be lifted this July 1, 2023 and that means everyone on Medicaid will receive recertification notices. Some recipients will receive notices of… Read more »

30 month Look Back Extended Once Again

Good news for Community Medicaid applicants.  The Public Health Emergency (PHE) was last extended in October 2022 and was due to expire in January 2023. However, the Biden administration stated it would give a 60 day notice to states before the PHE actually expires.  Further reports say they will extend it at least once more,… Read more »

Look-Back Period Extended

Once again the look-back period regarding Community Medicaid eligibility had been extended. In the past, there never was a look back period for Community Medicaid in New York. Applicant’s were able to transfer assets one month and become financially eligible the very next month without being penalized or disqualified. In October 2020 a 30 month… Read more »

Look-Back Period Update

For those who are following the new rule affecting Community Medicaid look-back period, which changes the look-back period from one month to 30 months, was not implemented as of this point in time.  Rumors tell us that October 1, 2022 it may go into effect. What does Look-Back period mean? and what effect will it… Read more »

A new extension regarding transfer of assets.

On October 2020 a new regulation was passed regarding Community Medicaid eligibility process. Previously, applicants were able to transfer any amount of assets one month and become financially eligible the very next month. The new regulation, which was to take effect October 2020, changed the eligibility process.  Applicants will need to surrender 30 months or… Read more »

Reimbursement Program

A Community Medicaid application can take several months before the applicant actually sees a home attendant at their home. The reason is as follows: first the department of social services needs to approve the applicant financial status. Once financially approved the applicant has to be assessed by a nurse sent from Medicaid and once again… Read more »

Look-Back period for Community Medicaid applicants has been extended:

On October 2020 a new rule regarding Community Medicaid eligibility was created; however, due to the present pandemic NYS cannot enforce this new rule until the pandemic is controlled. Hence, the effective date has been extended several times and last week it was extended once again from January 1, 2022 to April 1, 2022. What… Read more »