Why Medicaid?

There’s a light at the end of the health insurance tunnel, and it’s called Medicaid!

Whether you like or dislike government assistance, it’s a matter of fact, that your elderly or disabled loved one’s have the following choices:

1)         deplete their life savings, use the equity of their homes, and use their income to pay for their private home-care services.  Once they’re financially impoverished their family will either contribute their own assets to continue the private services their loved one’s are receiving or they will be forced to enter a nursing facility.


2)         protect their life savings, their surplus income,  and their homes; apply for Medicaid home care services, with a one-month look-back period, and receive Medicaid medical assistance with home-care services that they desperately need and deserve.

For more information regarding Medicaid home-care services or nursing home eligibility, call us.